Welcome Spring/Autumn Solstice

Hello my wonderful friend,
Finally Spring/Autumn Solstice has arrived. Wishing you the best as we celebrate new beginnings.
It’s a perfect time to be outside in the sunshine, clean the air of your house by opening up all window and smudging with prayer.
While you think about what you want to accomplish, think about what you need to eliminate from and add to your busy life in order to live happily and on purpose. Write it down and read it each morning during meditation. Make sure it is not long and complicated, just to the point. Then, work on your purpose each day and you will feel energized.
A perfect day for meditation, taking a walk alone or with a friend or pet. You can take me along if you like. Like my big sister tells me, breathe in the good and out with the bad. Between breaths, hold and feel the stillness and quiet of your soul.
Prepare a healthy, simple meal for yourself and your family/friend(s) and celebrate the spirit within you vibrating peace and love on Planet Earth.
As we move from day to day, keep your heart open to receiving all that is good. It’s in this way that we attract good things. Keep your thoughts positive and your words few but profound. We need to stop reacting and start responding kindly, thoughtfully, lovingly. Be especially attentive to self-talk. We are human, make mistakes. When this happens, this is what Doreen Virtue tell us to say: ‘Cancel, Clear, Delete’. Negative self-talk, thoughts from ego, automatic responses/reacting are now things of the past. Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life. Yes, it is! Positive self-talk, thoughts, responses are our new way of bringing peace and love to ourselves and everyone around us and throughout the planet. It will take time for you to switch to a positive habit. But that is all it is, a habit. Do you have 21 days to create these new habit? We all do, we all have 24 hours in a day. 21 days will come and go. They don’t have to be 21 days in a row. You’ll make mistakes because you’re human. You can always ‘Clean, Cancel, Delete’. Living happily begins with your daily habits and I want to support you. I found out the hard way, we can’t do it all alone. We need one another. I’ve discovered many friends/like-minded people here on Facebook and I’m very grateful for that and would be honored to guide you.
My purpose is to help you create new habits that will magnify your happiness, your love and in exchange, creating a new and better world. I’ve heard that 35% of Light = 65% of Darkness, so to eliminate darkness you need 35% of light.  Together, we are creating a better world each day by choosing Light and learning more good habits. Bad habits will disappear as you spend less time acknowledging darkness and more time each day concentrating on the positive Light.

In this 2016 The Year of Completion, wishing you happiness and great love.  Please Accept Your Weekly Indigo Angel Card Reading ~ My Gift For You!

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