Summer Time in Canada – Happy 150th Birthday

Yes, it’s been 150 Years that Canada has been your US neighbor. It’s really beautiful up here, hot and humid during the summer time in the east and hot and dryer in the west. Just like it is in the US but a little higher up on the map.

I hope you are enjoying your summer, or winter for my friends out in Australia, New Zealand, …

This is the perfect time to work on my website, including more things I’ve been working on and how life can change and turn right around in just 2 years. See the following updated link to find what I’ve been up to. I Am also working on adding a new page for Metatronia Therapy, and if you notice there’s a page for the Sisterhood of the Rose explaining how these women/men made life allot better in the past. Please take the time to read.¬†

So here’s the news section I’d like to share¬†

Love & Light – Namaste – Victory to the Light

I Am Josette

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