Alane Haley I have just read my Earth Angel Realm Reading Josette LeBlanc and it is magical and very insightful. Thank you so very much ! I so look forward to working with you again!

Annamay Leason I had a Earth Angels Realm reading Josette LeBlanc explained a lot about my life where I need to be she is such a kind hearted person and so easy to talk to and always helpful and offers amazing support. If anyone is looking for a reading I recommend her to you cause she is amazing and not only do you get a reading but also a friend and she always willing to listen and talk and help with what ever going on in your life. Thanks for been there and been a friend xoxo Annamay Leason

Marianne Zura  Thank you so much for this validation, Josette LeBlanc! I do have current-life abandonment issues which is probably replaying energies from my past life as an orphan. Years ago I sought out Codependents Anonymous and still use those teachings today. I do have pets as my immediate family too! I am currently estranged from my human family and am letting them go with detached acceptance. I have been oversensitive (as if!) in this lifetime but am accepting that ever-feeling side of myself that needs compassionate understanding and love. Your readings are spot on and I appreciate them tremendously. Thank you again!  Sending love your way!

Michele P. Wright Thank you Josette. When I needed guidance you are always there. That means the world to me. I have to admit I was scared in pushing forward, but since our talks have become more fearless and ready to Manifest my Dream. You are not just an Advisor but a Great Friend. So glad we met online.

Catie Behrens Amabile – I want to Thank Josette so much for her gift. She fully opened my eyes, and helped me to learn how to let go of my struggles and to start my journey on the path that I deserve and will achieve.
Denise Marcotte – When 2015 rolled in I found myself in a whirlwind of challenges, darkness and obstacles.  I had to dig deep and I did.  I trusted that the universe would show me step by step. I also felt very connected to the Abraham teachings and asked Abraham specifically to guide me.   It was then that Josette was put onto my path and I learned about the Abraham 30 Day Challenge.  Abraham brought me Abraham 🙂  She guided me through the 30 Day challenge.  The light began showing itself, I began challenging myself and I have found myself on “another side” – I do not feel like I am “there” yet, but where I am is on an amazing journey that allows me to be in gratitude daily during the contrast and the manifestations.  I have been manifesting things in my life that I honestly could never have imagined.  It has allowed me really to trust in the universe, to let go of any shoulds or even wants that I have and just let the universe deliver.  As Abraham says we have it all in our vortex and finally, finally, finally after many years of trying to access my vortex that is spilling over I am jumping in.  I am on the edge and within and Josette helped me get there!  She was put on my path, and whether it was a kind word to a lengthy email of drama and problems, recommending other healers and light workers or a full out research on the specific crystals that I need, she has been there.  There being a major shift in my consciousness and life that I have been working at for years.  I know the 30 Day Challenge and Josette were pivotal in this break through.  Josette has a crystal website that is quite extensive. Crystals can often be overwhelming and confusing.   She has a fabulous service where she will analyze what your needs are and come up with a group of crystals most beneficial to you.  I am extremely grateful for the blessings of Josette!

Angela Mangosing Thank you Josette LeBlanc for a such a detailed and amazing reading. It all made sense to me!

Michelle Johnson Thank you soo much Josette LeBlanc I really love my Earth Angel Realm Reading. It helped explain a lot I did research once before and stumbled upon wise ones and I thought I was one of them along with being some form of earth angel. I just needed the validation and I go it. I can’t wait to continue my research but a pleasure to know what realms I actually came from now.  Very accurate reading.

Catie Behrens Amabile Received my reading today! What an amazing giftJosette LeBlanc has. Everything made sense and resonated with who I am and now I learned why. I feel blessed to have the opportunity of her reading, energy and gift. Remarkable!!!

Renée Robichaud Josette’s readings are great! Thanks again Josette

Faith Hopewell just wanted to comment on my realm reading with Josette. a realm reading was new to me & she was phenomenal! she was very accurate with who I am. she also patiently explained stuff that I didn’t understand. she has a gift & am so grateful she shared it with me & others on free fridays. bless her. thanks again Josette

Simone K Isser Hello Friends, I want to share something with you all
I have had a reading from Josette, few weeks ago, it was a realm reading, I am very happy with my reading. If anyone is looking for a realm reading, look no further as Josette is really good in what she does. I want to thank her for giving me a reading
Blessings and Love

Amy Wolf Thank you so much Josette! I loved the reading and found it so accurate!

Stones Healing Thank you for your great reading.You make me realise things I haven’t understood since.I had never thought of such things before.Your reading has helped me to open new doors and to understand many things about me and the invisible world.Thank you!

Sarah Brink you are an amazing reader. Your realm reading was spectacular and answered many of my questions. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a realm reading. Ladies and gentleman book this lady before her diary fills up months in advance. A truly gifted and inspiring lightworker. Glad our paths crossed. Many blessings to you!

Susan Wilbanks I considered taking this certification course but first wanted to see how a reading was for myself. Josette did a wonderful reading for me and she was spot on accurate! If you are interested in getting this done, I recommend her!

Lillian Richard Thank You Josette LeBlanc for a beautiful reading. just amazing you read who I am and how I feel ..peace & Love…. :-))

Kerry Parker Colville – Good morning. Merry Christmas to you! I hope you have a wonderful day. I did like my angel realm reading and it did resonate with me on all levels.

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