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The Art of Letting Go!

Sometimes people have the tendency to hold on to things that do not serve them. Continuously harboring over something does not serve your highest good. Guilt, hate, resentment, fear, or worry will not serve you well. This can lead to negative impacts on your health, hindering of your personal development, and blocking your desires coming to you. It’s easy to overcome so do not worry!

Imagine life as a river, there are some points where the flow is fast medium or calm but it is always pushing forward. During the fast turbulent part if you hold on to a rock you will be met with resistance. The water will push you and you will grow tired and weak. Instead if you let go and go with the flow you are met with grace and guidance that will bring you to the calm part.

It is ok to have feelings about a negative situation. We are human and no one walking this earth is an angel. The key is to feel it, accept it, and let it go! Give yourself a set time (10 or 30 seconds) to feel it then move on! Shake yourself off, dust off your shoulder, and keep your head up! When you learn to let go your life will be much more enjoyable, trust me!

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