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Summer Time in Canada – Happy 150th Birthday

Yes, it’s been 150 Years that Canada has been your US neighbor. It’s really beautiful up here, hot and humid during the summer time in the east and hot and dryer in the west. Just like it is in the US but a little higher up on the map.

I hope you are enjoying your summer, or winter for my friends out in Australia, New Zealand, …

This is the perfect time to work on my website, including more things I’ve been working on and how life can change and turn right around in just 2 years. See the following updated link to find what I’ve been up to. I Am also working on adding a new page for Metatronia Therapy, and if you notice there’s a page for the Sisterhood of the Rose explaining how these women/men made life allot better in the past. Please take the time to read.

So here’s the news section I’d like to share

Love & Light – Namaste – Victory to the Light

I Am Josette

Spring Healing with Crystals & Angels

Hello beautiful friends, Can you feel the excitement in the air? I’ve been bouncing around and spring cleaning for the past few days. Spring is on its way and I’m ready for it, aren’t you? I hope so because I have a wonderful healing gift just for you to start up your spring season ahead

2017 New Year New Beginnings & New You

2017 New Year New Beginnings & New You You are going to love this New Year. This year of 2017 will be filled with exciting adventures, news, inventions, offers, discoveries and of course many more surprises. Can you feel it too? The key to all of this wonderment however is that you need to be

Summer/Winter Solstice – Living Our Best Lives

‘character’ – living our best lives You have eyes to see and ears to hear and everyone has their own reality. Be ready. HS About living consciously… During our day-to-day activities, we get caught up in life’s ups & downs and obligations – When we in fact are more than this ‘robot’. ‘We are spiritual

Welcome Spring/Autumn Solstice

Hello my wonderful friend,   Finally Spring/Autumn Solstice has arrived. Wishing you the best as we celebrate new beginnings. It’s a perfect time to be outside in the sunshine, clean the air of your house by opening up all window and smudging with prayer.   While you think about what you want to accomplish, think about what you

2016 – New Beginnings

I love this time of year. The old agenda’s looking messy from a busy year of life and work. But I can’t seem to get rid of my agendas. They’re my diary. A little reminiscing in this month of December is required. We began with a waning moon, a time for clearing and finishing. Then

Skin & Bones

SKIN & BONES What are the Metaphysical Properties of fabrics we wear to protect our Skin and Bones and why should we care? All the talk about cruelty to animals and wearing fabrics made of animal skins and fur. Haven’t we thought about how different fabrics affect our skin and bones? Do you ever wonder


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! HAVE AN ENCHANTED (highly delightful) DAY.   Since I was little, children and adults alike have dressed up as monsters, super-heroes, goblins, witches, and devils for Halloween for fun and candy. In my teens, I created my 1st Halloween party and was disguised as an Alien, wearing a silver tunic made of square

More Good News

 Feel All Love Life Are you all enjoying the fresh air and soft winds of fall, or for some of you, spring? The change in seasons heralds letting go of the OLD and getting on to NEW beginnings. ***Let’s Discuss New Beginnings*** I Understand You Want To Live The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of The Sooner The

Happy Solstice

This is a very special time of year where we Quebecers take most of our time off work & visit friends & family, have some good times & enjoy the warm weather. The way I see it is that you are all my family, 12 months a year & I couldn’t imagine closing & taking

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