As an introvert, my world was complicated but this led me to study self-development. My friends became Brendon Burchard, Jim Rohn, Robert Kyiosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Joe Vitale (The Secret), John Maxwell, Bob Proctor (The Secret and others), the Law of Attraction (Ask & It Is Given), Doreen Virtue Teachings (Earth Angels Realm Readings and Card Readings …), Rhoda Byrne (The Secret …), Henry M. Mason (The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans), Markus Rothkrans (Heal Yourself 101), Dr. Joe Dispenza (You Are The Placebo), just to name a few. Maybe I should just show you a photo of my library one day…

About 30 years ago I began reading Steven Covey (The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People), then I took a course in Time Management, got married to Prince Charming and moved from Quebec to Mississauga in Ontario with my work at Molson’s.

Five years later after all that fun, we returned to Quebec and decided to take an Interior Design course, an Astrology course, and had 2 kids. By the time they entered the schooling system I began my self-development journey once again. This time, we decided to homeschool our kids. They grew up and I was left with all this knowledge learned over the years. So I thought at one point, why not write a book for my kids with everything I learned. I was drinking it all up, took a course in writing and in 2007, watched The Secret movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE5-iFKBMIo&list=RDaE5-iFKBMIo#t=12 . I thought, nobody’s going to go for this even if I believed in the Law of Attraction.

A few years went by, my house was spotless. I even began enjoying cooking. But that couldn’t last! I went online and searched for Law of Attraction to see if maybe there’s a group out there talking about the movie. That’s when I joined my first Law of Attraction group.

And so another journey began with self-learning about the LoA, Healing Crystals, Angels, even Feng Shui. Then the creation of Crystals & Angels Facebook business page helped me offer my clients discounts on all crystal related items. I shared Doreen Virtue meditations and Abraham Hick posts. But it wasn’t enough for me. I was still the silent introvert. I met so many interesting friends along the way, Akashic Records Readers, Energy Readers, Psychics, Reiki, Crystal Energy Readers, to name a few. This is how I became involved with Abraham-Hicks: How 2 Change Your Life In 30 Days with Revital HN to create this new group about the processes of Abraham has helped me to become more extroverted. When we began with recording on Google Hangout & YouTube, I was scared. Now, not so much. As an admin I also dealt with other people and their issues, which was a growing experience.

So with this new-found confidence, I decided to offer more help to others by offering support learning to How to Change Your Life in 30 days workbook. I enjoyed it very much, but became the most dedicated one of the bunch.

Live and learn, I always say. I then decided to concentrate on Crystals & Angels business and see how I could make that work. I knew I needed a coach if this was going to work. So of course, when I saw a familiar face from my first LoA group, I call Maryanne Elizabeth up and here we are.

Maryanne’s helped me see what it is I can offer and how to share it and it only seemed natural as a Law of Attraction Consultant. I love helping people realign the road to their dreams and help change the world. Each one person is an individual with so much potential to make this world a better place.

 Josette LeBlanc

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