About me…

Thank you for meeting me here. My name is Josette LeBlanc, I Am a Lightworker, Wayshower, Healer in Metatronia Therapy. I Am also a Life Coach, Angel/Tarot/Metatronia Vibrational Healing card reader.

I Am here to help raise Gaia and Humanity’s energies to the 5th Dimension. A lifetime student, and recently completed training with The Complete Ascension Manual also Beyond Ascension by Joshua David Stone, and much help from my mentor/friend that just recently passed. I Am helping those I can to awaken in these times so they can finally see what is to come on our beautiful planet as she rejuvenates into her new frequencies of love, light, compassion, freedom and abundance for all of humanity, the animals, trees, rivers and all evolving through us and with us.

I invite you to contact me with any questions you may have regarding anything that is on your mind. Below are the links where you can connect with me and my groups. Please take your time to visit each one. If you would like to discuss anything about Metatronia Therapy with Archangel Metatron, card readings, coaching or anything at all, just connect with me via Facebook Private Message https://www.facebook.com/josette.leblanc.73 or send me an email at josette.leblanc@hotmail.com .

Namaste – Love & Light – Victory to the Light

I Am Josette


The newest group Where Sisters Unite – Sisterhood of the Rose is for those wanting to work on raising their energy, finding out more about ascension and what is going on with Gaia as we ascend into 5D.

Crystals & Angels Round Table https://www.facebook.com/groups/759044857474475/ began as a page about crystals and you guessed it, angels too. I still occasionally post my suppliers with a promo code but it too is changing and evolving in trying to wake people up. I have taken almost 1 year in my ascension training, so have lost allot of activity there. Still you will find many of my posts there.

Crystals & Angels business page https://www.facebook.com/Crystals-Angels-781426165208832/ like it says, it’s my original business page. We can finally have notifications on this page, but it’s mostly about visibility. You’ll find crystals posted from my suppliers with their promo code along with other material I want to send out en masse. Again the mission of waking up humans on Gaia.


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