Summer/Winter Solstice – Living Our Best Lives


‘character’ – living our best lives

You have eyes to see and ears to hear and everyone has their own reality. Be ready. HS

About living consciously…

During our day-to-day activities, we get caught up in life’s ups & downs and obligations – When we in fact are more than this ‘robot’. ‘We are spiritual beings living a physical experience here on earth’. When I heard this the 1st time, it began to change my life.

We are affected by the planetary and evolutionary energies. What does this mean to you? The moon and planets and the earth change with the days, months, seasons and the years, even stages of evolution. Remember when you were only 3? Maybe not, but I’m sure you remember becoming or on your way to becoming a teenager. This is what is happening with the planet. It ages, grows, matures, changes and humanity as well. It’s called evolution. Kryon says our planet is so young and so are we.

So we want to stay grounded here, I don’t want to loose you. The only message I want to convey here is that of how we spend our daily lives. Living unconsciously is not the best way to live. It’s time to awaken. Enjoy our lives and see what is really important to us. It will take sacrifices, meditation, finding out what it is you came here for. It’s simple really. Maybe that’s why we are so blind to see. All the business of life, juggling bills, responsibilities; Awake people please! Look around you. That child of yours needs your attention. Is your house so big you’re too busy taking care of it or working to pay for it??? I know some will say ‘I have no money.’ I know how you feel. We have become its slave. This isn’t right and we know it. Most of you can cut, really cut expenses and be quite comfortable. This I know as well. I dare you!

Look around you. Now look up. What is it you want to accomplish here on planet Earth? Every day, every move, every thought and feeling, make these your own positive choices and your life will change.

Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life, so make it great!

Happy Solstice

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