2016 – New Beginnings


I love this time of year. The old agenda’s looking messy from a busy year of life and work. But I can’t seem to get rid of my agendas. They’re my diary. A little reminiscing in this month of December is required. We began with a waning moon, a time for clearing and finishing. Then almost mid month during the new moon, was a time for reflection of the past and what we want for the future. Today, finally the waxing moon is offering it’s much needed new light and energy to help us begin to act upon our dreams and goals as we build up our energy even more on the 25th’s Full Moon, on Christmas Day. On the 1st of January, 2016, the waning moon, our energies will again begin to subside and we begin another new cycle. I’ve already started putting entries in my new, clean, Angel Agenda 2016. It’s filled with hope for the new year and lots of space for new beginnings. Writing down your dreams and goals for this coming year at the front of your agenda will remind you that YOU are the priority in your life. You are the DIVER.

You will encounter so much this year. You’ll touch others with your heart. You’ll give of yourself and help others along the way. You’ll teach by your actions and learn through others. Your thoughts will vibrate throughout and you’ll attract those like you. Everyday you’ll be living out your life’s purpose. You’ll grow spiritually as you listen to your Higher Self, your angels, and spirit guides. As you reach out, you’ll discover even more.

I’ve learned so much in 2015 and am looking forward to learning allot more in 2016. 2016 will be a year where I’ll concentrate on spiritual growth more personally so that I may help others in return. Please join me as we make this New Year as special as we can envision. 

Join Me Here for 2016

Wishing you ALL the best for 2016!


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