Gaia Needs Assistance – One More Push

It has been 9 months since my last blog and much has changed within and out in the world. You can’t help but notice what people talking about; ascension, solar flares, waves of energy, ascension symptoms, shadow/darkness being released within ourselves and in the world. The cabal being sent to Guantanamo, some turning to the light, some turning away from it. The 5th Dimension is not for everyone. You have to be able to hold the light. The cabal can’t. So now imagine all the hard work that is being done by Gaia and humanity and with the of the waves of love from the Galactic Central Sun to bring up to the light, this darkness. We are being helped by the Galactic Federation, our brothers and sisters of the Light.

Two thousand and eighteen (2018), the year where everything changes and it’s only the end of April. Countries are coming together for peace on earth and currencies have been converted to gold. We will be forgiven from all debt and learn to live with compassion while we change to improve our establishments by raising feminine energies to balance with male energies. It begins with each of us supporting each other in love. The work that is being done at this now moment is a personal one for each of us transmuting what we cannot bring to the 5th Dimension. Transmuting and releasing all negative energies, darkness within as much as possible. Much is being lifted at this time as our bodies also change with DNA upgrades. Our crystalline bodies are changed from carbon base and we are trying our best to adjust one day, one moment at a time.

All this very basic information is not new to many of you and for some it is for the first time. We are moving into a better world, better life for all. Still we are the ones needed to do the work, to grow our light so that we and Gaia can ascend. All darkness is being lifted to the surface for all to see and later a select group of Lightworkers will determine the fate of those involved that have caused inhumane actions and deceptions here on Earth. Gaia is asking us to give a last big push to help our ascension. This is a call to all Lightworkers/Wayshowers, (definition below) all those that are awake, and those that are dosing, WAKE UP! We are helping each one of us when we help the whole. Our personal issues are no longer our own as We Are One. Working for the whole of humanity beginning with your personal environment and out to the entire globe. So let’s get on with it! Share your light, help others, join mass meditations (see link below), clear your energy and join to help Gaia and humanity rise up into the 5th Dimension of peace, love, light and unity NOW!


Daily, Sunday, New & Full Moon meditations schedule:

Gaia MEDITATIONs Guide & Schedule 

Lightworkers/Wayshowers = Growing and Sharing our Light – All Of Us – If you need more information on this, juste me a message and I will help you grow your light.

You can also join me now on MeWe at


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